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2010-May-5, 06:04

The most countries in the world has responded enthusiastically and start to promote the energy saving activities. Electricity saving is a chief activity of energe saving activities. Since the appear and application of electricity, it has become an important part of our modern life and society. On one hand, the most apparrant example is that electricity lamps give us light at night. Moreover, electricity is needed when we watch TV or play wow gold. Electricity is also vital for many household appliances such as air-conditioners, refrigerators and microwave stoves. Generally speaking, electricity have affected our life t a large extent. As for the production of electricity, it was produced by some non-renewable resources like coal. So many countries has begin to seek other power to produce electricity like wind power, sun power etc. meanwhile, reducing thw actions of wasting electricity is also quite necessary for this is a good way to save electricity. Government should pronounce the importance of electricity as well as the the situation of power shortage so that the whole public can make efforts to save powr. What I want to add it that the public shound have the awareness ofsaving power. p?user=wxwangshine

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Han Han, one of the 100 most influential people

2010-Apr-13, 01:43

Han Han is a very popular people in this country. And it is as well known as . Han Han, a Chinese professional rally driver, best-selling author and China's most popular blogger, has been nominated as one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine. Han's fans are excited about his inclusion in the list, but some people question his nomination. Some said that Han's influence does not extend beyond China's border and he cannot have an effect on global trends in art and entertainment. While his supporters and detractors engaged in a heated discussion, Han himself has been low-key about his nomination. According to the report, Han even said: "Time is only a magazine. Why do you take it so seriously?" However, others cast doubt on the writer's fame. "Since when does Han have worldwide influence? It's too big a compliment for him," a netizen said. "Time is really humorous. How can Han's works and personality lead the world's arts and entertainment trends?" another netizen said. Making is very easy. Some people hold the view that Han's nomination shows people really care about China, "because Han is famous for his sharp observation and unmodified comments on social events", he said. nHe praised Time's keen observations on Chinese society for involving Han in its 100 list. "It shows China's importance in the world. The world is looking at China not only from the political leaders' perspectives, but also from people like Han, a literary person who cares about social events." I think Han Han is a quite excellent writer and his influence is also great in this country.

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